Strategic Legal Solutions Group Limited (the SLS Group) is a legal consultancy firm registered in Kenya. Our mission is to provide well researched, innovative, strategic and cost effective legal solutions to state corporations, international organizations, corporate entities and individuals, to support business and or organizational goals as well as advancement of course of humanity.

The SLS Group is structured as a consortium of fourteen(14) professional services firms specializing in consultancies and advisories in select practice areas, namely: State Corporations laws and regulations, Banking and Corporate Finance, Conveyancing and Property Law, Tax Law, Energy Law, Intellectual Property, Policy Development and Legislative Drafting, Legal Research, and Legal Compliance Advisories, Environmental Law, Cyber Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Law and Business Services, Tourism Research and Policy, Entertainment Media and Sports Law, Company Secretarial Services, Contract Negotiation Review and Preparation, Due Diligence, Development of Legal and Business Service Operation Processes, Advisories on Laws of Other Jurisdictions as well as International Law and WTO Regime, Legal Process Outsourcing, and Litigation and ADR processes.

With a professional membership of fourteen (14) advocates, some with over nineteen (19) years of active law practice experience, our advocates have diverse professional training background with a number currently holding or pursuing Masters of Laws, MBAs, PhD qualifications, and other post-graduate qualifications. Our commitment is that this well trained, highly experienced and dedicated team will work with you and on your behalf to provide the exceptional service you expect and deserve. Further, our multi-disciplinary approach, creative problem solving and unique long-range perspective make us an ideal partner and uniquely qualified advisor. We also work closely with other professionals to ensure that our services are well rounded in respect of all material considerations.


Centre For Legal Research
& Policy Development

We undertake review of statutory legislations and general public laws and advice our clients on their intentions, rights and obligations arising therefrom, and manner of implementation.

Corporate Law & Business
Services Consulting Group

CLBS specialized in corporate law transactions including registration and restructuring of corpo-rate entities, corporate due diligence, company secretarial services, nominee company director and shareholder services, custodial services, trust funds management services, and general company administrative services.


The conduct of any business and or commerce is heavily reliant on paper work, excellent paper work. Commercial agreements and charitable endevours require proper documentation. As a practice, we focus on preparation, development and review of legal as well as commercial documents of all kinds. We also provide concept paper preparation, business plan preparation, proposal writing, as well as document review and formatting services.

Centre For Environmental
Law & Policy (Ceelapo)

Centre for Environmental Law & Policy (CEELAPO) specializes in environmental law advisories and policy formulation. The consultancy advises clients in the private industry or public govern-ment institutions to help them steer clear of possible fines, legal action or misguided transac-tions, while actively participating in development of international best practice in management and or exploitation of the environment.

M & A Consulting

Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) is an important approach for facilitating corporate growth and productivity. However, corporate organizations undertake the M & A process for various reasons, including: a) Business expansion with the attendant availability of economies of scale;b) Tax planning incentives;c) Satisfaction of legal/compliance requirements especially for capital intensive sectors;d) Consolidation of resources to acquire a reasonable part of the market especially by small firms;

Legal Processes

Legal Processes Consulting (LPC) is specialized in three categories of services, namely: Offshore Legal Processes Outsourcing, Service Operations Tools Systems and Processes, and Clerical Support Services. LPC specializes in delivering offshore processes services to law and consultancy firms. We provide the practical insights for quickly identifying and improving processes that impact the bottom line, including automation services.

Taxlex Consulting

Taxlex Consulting Group specializes is providing tax and business advisories, especially tax compli-ance advisory and support; tax effective business structuring; offshore tax structuring; business startup advise (compliance with all applicable legislation and tax efficient legal vehicles for branch or subsidiary set up; employee benefits and compensation structuring; mergers and acquisitions tax structuring; tax due diligence; applications for tax exemption and tax compliance certificates; tax planning mechanisms available under the Kenyan Legislation; winding up advise; conversion of debt to equity; private and public placements advisory; setting up pension schemes and immigration services.

Cyblaw Consulting

Cyblaw Consulting Group is a consultancy firm registered in Kenya, and a participating special-ized consultancy partner in the SLS Group of Consultancies.

Centre For Litigation and
ADR Processes

Centre for Litigation and ADR Processes (CLAP) was established to offer negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation services to government agencies,public authorities , corporate entities, small and medium scale enterprises( SMEs), Non—Governmental organizations( local and Interna-tional), individual busienesses as well as families family owned businesses as well as individuals . It’s a realization that effective legal advocacy includes the prevention of disputes through sound business planning and the resolution of disputes through advice and counsel regarding the appropriate use of alternative dispute resolution processes.

Energy Law Consulting

Energy is a key component the of sustainable development of any economy. Energy drives industries which produce consumable and other life support products,; it mobilizes the labour for product and service production and delivery; it operates various utility infrastructure all without which life would be deplorable. Energy Accordingly thereforeAccordingly therefore it is is therefore a basic commodity not only in industries but also the in domestic environment. Its generation, storage, supply, distribution and, sale and use isuse is subject to both policy and legislative regulationlegislative regulations.

Globalex Consulting

Globalization is the trend all over the world. From provision of professional services to interna-tional trade, individuals, companies and governments are expanding their network of operation across borders. Our role in this complex web is to advice our individual, corporate and governmen-tal clients on the laws, regulations and or policies which affect the conduct of certain business or related operations in other jurisdiction.

Centre for Tourism
Research & Policy

The population is burgeoning and provides a critical local market, levels of education are comparatively higher than those in many African countries, and organised groups such as the Kenya National Union of Teachers are the strongest in the continent.Other sectors such as banking, retail and infrastructure have generally improved despite recent increased (and ill-advised) transaction costs.

Patrick Teddy & Partners

The Law Firm of Patrick Teddy & Partners Advocates, was registered in 2013 as a part of Strategic Legal Solutions Group Limited. The advocates joined hands having worked for public sector and various leading law firms in Kenya, from which they amassed a wealth of experience in all areas of Banking and Corporate Finance, Conveyancing and Property Law Services, Litigation and alternative dispute resolution processes, Intellectual Property, Commercial/Corporate Law, Environment and Conservation, as well as Tax Law.


The entertainment industry in Kenya and the African continent as a whole has grown exponentially over the last decade. There has been increased acceptance of local productions and creations in print, fashion, art, film and music and the trend continues to gain momentum. Sport has also gained increased recognition in the country. Growth of Entertainment, Media, IP & Sports industries calls for increased transactions in terms of contract drafting and negotiation, labour laws, licensing and permits, endorsements, procurement, royalties and tax advisory as well as ADR and litigation.


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