Centre For Litigation And Adr Processes


Amicable, Cost-Effective and Speedy Dispute Resolution While Protecting and Consolidating Long-term Relationships between Parties

Centre for Litigation and ADR Processes (CLAP) was established to offer negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation services to government agencies,public authorities , corporate entities, small and medium scale enterprises( SMEs), Non—Governmental organizations( local and International), individual businesses as well as families family owned businesses as well as individuals . It’s a realization that effective legal advocacy includes the prevention of disputes through sound business planning and the resolution of disputes through advice and counsel regarding the appropriate use of alternative dispute resolution processes. Our alternative dispute resolution services assist our clients in maintaining and protecting working relationships, often developed over long period, while also affording speedy, cost-effective and generally efficient solutions. Our clients rely on us to help them integrate alternative dispute resolution processes with mainstream litigation to achieve a resolution that integrates business solutions with legal remedies.

To meet the needs of our clients and to fulfill the increasingly changing apportionment of rights and obligations found in the local statutes, and international legal regimes, court rules/procedures and professional codes of conduct, our lawyers have broad training and experience required to have an understanding of all areas of negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

In corporations and organizations, our professionals are called upon to design and administer in-house dispute resolution systems. We also advice on application of various alternative dispute resolution techniques and skills such as early neutral evaluation, expert determination and mini-trails, arbitration and adjudication, between parties as well as in the workplace, and thus enabling our clients to resolve conflicts before they escalate to litigation. We also endeavor to support out clients during the litigation period to ensures their objectives are met with minimal impact on the business.

In summary, our service range includes:
  • Advising on application of various alternative dispute resolution techniques such as early neutral evaluation, expert determination and mini-trails, arbitration and adjudication for conflict resolution before they escalate to litigation;
  • Advising on strengths and weaknesses of cases and suitable avenue for dispute resolution;
  • Reviewing cases and advising on the legal rights and remedies available to parties;
  • Identifying and articulating interest of parties and legal issues arising therefrom;
  • Researching on and interpretation of applicable case law on cases;Researching on and interpretation of applicable constitutional and statute law on cases;
  • Researching on and interpretation of applicable international law on cases;
  • Advising on various aspects of dispute resolution; and Advising on the benefits of alternative dispute resolution process such as cost-effectiveness and speed of the process.

We also do offer training and seminars on mediation, negotiation and arbitration as well as symposia and , discussions on current dispute resolution issues. In this regard, we partner with leading law firms, professional organizations and other educational institutions as and when necessary to co-sponsor programs and events relevant to the field of dispute resolution.

Our clients include among others: investors in real estate , employers and employees, borrowers and lenders, insurance firms and insurers, family members, suppliers and consumers, house owners and contractors, advocates and law firms, consultants and their clients, a corporation, etc.

Our mission is to assist our clients avert possible conflicts and resolve potentially litigious issues in an amicable, cost-effective manner, while protecting and consolidating mutually beneficial relationships between our clients.