Cyblaw Consulting Group

Areas of Law


It provides legal consultancy services in most areas of Information, Technology and Communica-tions law including general cyber laws, cyber crime, Intellectual Property (IP) as well as electronic commerce. We advice on compliance issues, undertaking dispute resolution involving internet users, under-taking legal research on developments on cyber law and delivering legal opinions as expert internet/cyber law consultants. The consultancy has experts in diverse areas of cyber/internet law, including ICT Law, IP laws, E-Commerce law, Forensic Law, etc.

Service Profile

We also advice and undertake preparation of legal documents such as disclaimers, apposite terms of use, privacy policy, confidentiality agreements, software services agreements, domain name transfer agreements, copyright and trademark license and or assignment agreements, technol-ogy transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, and drafting of legislation pertaining to regulation of use of internet. We also undertake provision of cyber/forensic fraud investigations, especially for financial institutions. Our IP practice advice and act for our clients in trademark, copyright and patents registrations, assignments, and enforcement of IP rights in the event of infringement.


Cyblaw works in collaboration with Taxlex Consulting Group in delivering seamless advisories on cyber/internet taxation issues involving cross border transactions. The Group also works closely with all other consultancy firms in the SLS Group as and when necessary for delivery of sound legal advice on cyber law and related issues.

Our Clientele

We pride in continuously delivering top-notch consultancy services individual clients as well as corporates, and Governmental institutions.