Globalex Consulting Group

Globalex Consulting group

GLOBALEX-LOGOGlobalization is the trend all over the world. From provision of professional services to interna-tional trade, individuals, companies and governments are expanding their network of operation across borders. Our role in this complex web is to advice our individual, corporate and governmen-tal clients on the laws, regulations and or policies which affect the conduct of certain business or related operations in other jurisdiction. We undertake comparative analysis and in fact advise our clients on when and where to invest based on the extant law and governmental policy at an intended destination.

International Legal Implications on Business, Governance and Human Rights

globalex international-lawGlobalex Consulting group also specializes in Reviewing various international instruments relating to international trade and investments law (and WTO regime), international commercial transactions law, international humanitarian law, refugee law, international human rights law, the UN regime and related instruments, international instruments on women and children rights, etc, and advising on their implications.