Legal Processes Consulting



Legal Processes Consulting (LPC) is specialized in three categories of services, namely: Offshore Legal Processes Outsourcing, Service Operations Tools Systems and Processes, and Clerical Support Services

Offshore Legal Processes Outsourcing

LPC specializes in delivering offshore processes services to law and consultancy firms. We provide the practical insights for quickly identifying and improving processes that impact the bottom line, including automation services. With our highly dynamic and widely experienced professionals, we offer a comprehensive range of services covering legal, paralegal and secretarial aspects of law, including:

Contract Management

We offer contract management services including: review of contracts and advising in liaison with our lawyers on enforce ability under various jurisdictions; service of contracts; obtaining notarization for contracts; integrated contract managements services allowing you secure access to your contracts and other legal documents from anywhere; alerting you of critical contract deadlines; and obtaining execution of contracts according to applicable jurisdictional law, etc. Effectively, our contract management service improves your contract compliance, eliminate costly errors, make better management decisions, and respond to contract issues faster and with less expense.

Intellectual Property

filing of IP registration documents, obtaining relevant certificates, serving various notices, etc.

Legal Research and Case Management

In liaison with other consultants within the consor-tium, we conduct legal research in respect of any matter and advise you accordingly, and present memorandums highlighting:Intellectual Property - filing of IP registration documents, obtaining relevant certificates, serving various notices, etc. Legal Research and Case Management - in liaison with other consultants within the consortium, we conduct legal research in respect of any matter and advise you accordingly, and present memorandums highlighting:

  • the law applicable to the legal questions as presented by a client set of facts;
  • the law of other jurisdictions impacting on the identified issues;
  • cases law relevant to the issues and set of facts presented by the client and identifiable distinctions of the cases, as well as comparison of the applicable laws vis-à-vis statutory provisions;
  • review of litigation documents for purposes of discovery, determination of privilege, confidentiality, relevance, admissibility, etc;
  • obtaining reviewing and drafting legal documents; and
  • analyzing implications of recently pronounced cases or promulgated legislation, among other functions.
Knowledge Management

Legal Departments and officers need to delve deeper into the “Process” aspects of the legal activities handled by them. Due to increasing pressure on Legal departments/officers, to increase efficiencies and decrease cost it has become necessary for them to analyze their current processes and ascertain the gaps.


we advice our clients on compliance and regulatory law issues applicable in jurisdictions they intend to or operate in. We handle all your compliant issues to enable you focus on your core business, noting to keep you well informed of regulatory regime changes and our actions towards your compliance therewith.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence services enables our clients to make an informed decision before investing in property or committing to any contractual arrangement. Whether you’re lending money against a property, determining what encumbrances already exist, or planning to exercise statutory power of sale, Legal Processes Consulting will get you the right information and help you make an of informed decision at a fraction the cost of traditional providers. Our services here include:

Real Property Services
  • Title Ownership Verification Searches to reveal current owner and legal description of properties;
  • Rates and Rent Searches to determine if tax payments are current;
  • Encumbrance Searches to reveal liens filed against a property;
  • Certified Copies of titles services.
Company and Business Name Searches
  • Director Verification Searches to determine the directorship of the company, their postal addresses, and occupation;
  • Shareholding Verification Searches to reveal current owner of the company, the amount of shares held by each shareholder, type of shareholding, value of each share and nominal capital;
  • Company Secretary Verification Searches to determine the registered certified company secretary for the company and his/her attendant details;
  • Nature of Business Verification Searches to determine the nature of business the company is registered to engage in;
  • Compliance Verification Searches to determine whether the company files annual returns, etc as stipulated by law. Encumbrances Verification Searches to determine whether the company has any deben-tures and other liens filed against it.

Service Operations Tools, Systems and Processes

LPC also undertakes development of legal and business service operation tools, systems and methodologies for delivering leading services to clients. In consultative with the client, we develop service operation tools and processes through which customer instructions can be executed in a professional, timeous and costs effective manner. These tools assist our clients in ensuring relevant steps in implementing client’s instructions are not overlooked, and proper accountability is made of the actual work done to assist in computing commensurate billing.

Clerical Support Services

We also offer clerical support services in Civil Litigation and Conveyancing, including: Service of Civil Process, Company/Court file perusals, Procuring Official Land/Company/Motor searches, Consents, Valuation, assessment and payment of Stamp Duty, Land Rents, Acquisition of Rates & Rents Clearance certificates, Filing and Lodging of Documents for Registration at various registries, lodging documents for registration of limited companies, business names, non-governmental organizations, trustees (whether simple or perpetual succession trusts), associations, co-operative societies, schools, etc. We endevour to deliver greater efficiency at minimal cost to our esteemed clients.