M & A Consulting Group

Mergers and Acquisition


Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) is an important approach for facilitating corporate growth and productivity. However, corporate organizations undertake the M & A process for various reasons, including: a) Business expansion with the attendant availability of economies of scale;b) Tax planning incentives;c) Satisfaction of legal/compliance requirements especially for capital intensive sectors;d) Consolidation of resources to acquire a reasonable part of the market especially by small firms;

Fundamentally however, M & A is used to improve the productivity and efficiency in product and or service delivery.

Mergers and acquisitions generally fall within the ambits of competition law, with the relevant legal framework being the Restrictive Trade Practices, Monopolies and Price Control Act, Capital Markets Act, Capital Markets (Takeovers and Mergers) Regulations, 2002

Our Mergers and acquisitions practice is spearheaded by the M & A Consulting Group, which advises clients on the law and processes for effecting corporate takeovers, buyouts and buy-ins, corporate restructuring including, advisories on board restructuring, shareholder restructuring, capital restructuring, and employee retention and or transfer in the event of mergers or acquisi-tions. We also advice on sale of businesses and the attendant notices to be issued and legislation to be complied with as well as preparation of contractual Sale of Business and Transfer of Assets Agreements in compliance with the Transfer of Business Act. We also advice on attendant tax implications and tax obligation reduction strategies during corporate restructuring processes.

The practice advises on corporate debt restructuring, corporate buyouts, and mergers and acquisi-tions.

We provide consultancy services in mergers and acquisitions, and undertake Business valuation – through asset valuation, historical earning evaluation, future maintainable earnings evaluation, and other business valuation methods; due diligence exercises; Advisories On Financing structure and methods such as cash or stock restructuring; Management restructuring; Personnel affaires reconciliation; and advisories on brand consolidation, etc