Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Company formulate the policies of the Company and jointly oversee its activities. Generally however, the Board performs the following functions:

  • Governing the organization by establishing broad policies and objectives
  • Selecting, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
  • Ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources
  • Approving annual budgets
  • Accounting to the stakeholders for the organization’s performance
  • Setting the salaries and compensation of company management

Managing Director and Group CEO

SLS Group is managed by the MD and Group CEO, who is responsible for the day to day management of the Firm including managing committees and staff and developing business plans in collaboration with the board towards the vision of the Company. The MD and Group CEO designs, develops and implements strategic plans for the Company in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. The MD and Group CEO is the main contact person with clients and other firms and organizations. The Office of the MD and Group CEO providers overall supervision and general responsibility for all practice areas undertaken by all the Partners, Consulting Partners and Associates of the Company.

In addition to the above, the office of the MD and Group CEO also identify, recruit and develop partners, consulting partners and associates suitable for the execution of Company’s mission; undertakes company corporate planning in view of the set corporate goals; guides the team on company plans and their aims; maintains the Group’s standards and quality assurances to our clients by among others, ensuring all actions are taken towards objectives; encouraging members and supporting their contributions; managing internal and external disputes of the Company; and generally evaluating performance of the team and the company against set matrixes and client response. The MD and Group CEO is answerable to the Board of Directors of the Company.

Head of Practice Group

SLS Group as a constituent of twelve legal firms is divided into practice groups. Each of the twelve practice group has its team leader who spearheads its growth in all aspects. Heads of practice group exercise delegated authority from the MD & Group CEO. They are responsible for the general development of their respective practice groups, marshalling skills necessary to provide the services under that group and generally ensuring a flawless provision of services under their respective practice groups.

Consulting Partners

Our Consulting Partner Business Model is informed by our goal of providing sound and well rounded solutions to our clients. It is designed in such a way that the Company associates with advocates and other professionals whose expertise impact on our services as Consulting Partners under a Consulting Partner Agreement. Our consulting partners bring on board specialized skills in select practice areas, with proven expertise in both research and advisories for the benefit our clients. We have consulting partners skilled and experienced in all our areas of practice.


SLS Group engages advocates as associates who are given independences to provide legal services as permitted by law. The Company encourages proactiveness and professionalism at all levels of associates’ contact with our clients. Associates not only undertake legal work assigned to them but are also encouraged to explore other areas of legal practice for which they have keen interest and use the platform offered by the Company to implement such practice areas.

Legal Assistants

Our practices allows engagement of legal assistants who are either undertaking their studies at Kenya School of Law or holding over pending admission to the Roll of Advocates or who are currently at various universities undertaking degrees in law or pupils. Our advocates provide core training to such legal assistants on the practice of law and general management of law practice business.

Administrative Assistants

The Company has Finance and Administration Manager who is in charge of finances and co-ordination of the various office matters. The Finance and Administration Manager is in charge of organizing the day-to-day running of the office and ensuring that everything is in place. The Company engages the services of commercial/corporate and litigation external clerks through an outsourcing model to ensure speedy execution of instructions. We also have qualified secretaries who are well trained in Customer relationship, computers and also have wide experience in professional services office’s management.

This team works closely with one another and with each client so as to be able to understand the different needs of each client and to offer the necessary assistance in the circumstances.