csi (2)We recognize our obligation to give back to the society which has bestowed upon us the privilege of serving them. Yes, it is a privilege! For this reason, and in extension of our individual and joint free will of giving back to the society, we discharge our Corporate Social Responsibility through our CSR platform, Community Smile International (CSI), a duly registered NGO.

CSI was founded in the year 2012 upon our realization that poverty is a real concern in Kenya and Africa in general. Poverty is a serious problem that unless addressed holistically (by combatively dealing with all it root causes), has the potential of shaking the very foundations of nations. The near collapse of the Kenyan nation in late 2007 and early 2008 can squarely be attributed to poverty of the proletariat masses. Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.

As Mahatma Gandhi aptly put it, ‘poverty is the worst form of violence.’

CSI is therefore an attempt to combatively deal with poverty to realize a smiling community, a peaceful and prosperous African society. CSI is a five department NGO with each department dealing with a specific mandate as defined in our mission statement, all contributing to our vision of a Smiling Africa.


Our primary concerns and objectives are:

  • Education through bursaries for needy children and youth;
  • Environmental advocacy towards combating climate change by environment conservation campaigns, planting trees and promoting sustainable development;
  • Children and women’s rights advocacy;
  • Youth and Women empowerment through capacity building and micro-economic empowerment; and
  • Health rights and related health issues.