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The Law Firm of Patrick Teddy & Partners Advocates, was registered in 2013 as a part of Strategic Legal Solutions Group Limited. The advocates joined hands having worked for public sector and various leading law firms in Kenya, from which they amassed a wealth of experience in all areas of Banking and Corporate Finance, Conveyancing and Property Law Services, Litigation and alternative dispute resolution processes, Intellectual Property, Commercial/Corporate Law, Environment and Conservation, as well as Tax Law.

Our goal is to partner and work closely with our clients to understand their businesses and corporate objectives in order to craft the most suitable solutions for their legal and business problems. Our Partners are working towards establishing a distinguished law practice organization in all their respective areas of practice for the benefit our clients. To achieve well rounded solutions, we also partner with our associated professional service firms under the umbrella of Strategic Legal Solutions Group Limited (see


Our main areas of legal practice are: Conveyancing and land law, commercial corporate law practice, banking and corporate finance, intellectual property, Insurance Law, Debt Collection, Constitutional and Civil Litigation in all areas, Probate & Administration, Employment / Labour Law, Tax law, Criminal law, Alternative dispute resolution (ADR). With our highly experienced professional staff, Lex Partners Advocates has the requisite experience, professional skills and expertise, personnel, and technical resources to provide services in the various categories, including:

Banking and Corporate Finance

We advice and acts for client on banking and corporate finance transactions, providing a range of services including preparation of loan agreements, letter of offers, overdraft letters, letters of credit, chattels mortgage instruments, project finance agreements, etc. In all circumstances, we endevour to ensure that contractual terms and principles are in the best interest of our clients by among others, reviewing the applicable law measured against terms of agreements and contracts our clients intend to enter into, and actively advice them on implications thereof.

We also advice on preparation of contracts and various financing documents; Advice on all aspects of banking legislation; Advice on international development projects and rescheduling of debts; Preparation of contracts and various financing documentations; Establishing of representative and branch offices of foreign institutions and Companies; Recoveries and re-possessions, etc.

Conveyancing and Property Law Services

Our advocates have proven experience in preparation and registration of mortgages, charges, debentures, purchases, sales, leases, surrenders, discharge of charge and transfers in perfection of securities, power of attorneys, etc, and especially for banks and financial institutions, at all registries in Kenya.

Our conveyancing department is backed with an effective due diligence staff who undertakes searches on properties and corporate entities and advising our clients accordingly. We also undertake review, drafting and negotiating of contracts relating to disposition of property.

Our advocates process change of users, extension of leases, etc, and advice our clients on and undertake drafting of property agreements such as project finance agreement, loan agreements, letters of offer for sale of property as well as grant of credit facilities, charge and mortgage instruments, project construction agreements, project management agreements, management company agreements, property security agreements, Contractor Agreements, Architects Agreement, Deeds of Novation, etc.


Our litigation department assists our clients in efficient and effective dispute resolution. We do this through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration, and only resort to litigation as a last resort. Nonetheless, we always allow our clients to choose a preferred course of action after we have presented all viable avenues for consideration.

In order to promote client’s organizational objectives, we also work with our clients to develop compliance programs and other techniques to minimize future litigation risks. The firm has strong negotiators, aggressive litigators, serious and creative thinkers, backed by top quality strategic management in handling litigious and potentially litigious matters.

Our expertise in litigation include debt collection and recoveries (anchored on systematic approaches to debt collection including alternative dispute resolution processes before proceeding to court), insolvency, winding up of companies and bankruptcies, Public Procurement Complaints Reviews and Appeals, employer-employee disputes before industrial courts, landlord-tenancy disputes, etc. We also advice on international Law especially to international organizations, government agencies, on different international claims, particularly with regard to the Kenyan approach to the dualistic incline of international law and enforcement of claims and orders enforceable either against Kenyans or individuals or organizations in other jurisdiction.

Our experience also cuts across presentation on tax law matters, including but not limited to default investigations, judicial review and injunctive relief amongst other remedies aimed at reversing unlawful actions, restraining procedural abuses, conducting public policy initiatives.

We also dispense public law advisories especially to public entities, private sector as well as the general public on matters concerning public law.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is increasing becoming a key concern for individuals as well as corporate entities due to its great value. The rate of growth in Intellectual Property field and the recent international dynamics on strict adherence to the intellectual property rights has led us to undertake extensive research in this discipline and the Company offers a broad based service in this area. We support our clients in registration, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. In particular, we provide the following services:

  • Acting as consultants in identification, registration, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, and generally render consultancies on copyright and trade secrets such as formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique or process that is used in business; trademarks such as words, names, symbols, sounds, or colors that distinguish goods and services from those manufactured or sold by others and indicate the source of the goods; patent rights; and breeders rights;
  • Providing legal and practical advice to individuals and companies on the existence, registration and enforcement of literary works such as novels, poems, plays and performances of performing artists; reference works such as books and articles; films and TV programs; musical compositions; choreography; artistic works such as paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures; architecture; advertisements, commercial names and designations; maps, technical drawings, computer programs and breeders rights;
  • Developing and licensing the use of copyrights and trade secrets, trademarks, patents and breeders rights on behalf of Intellectual Property rights owners;
  • Drawing agreements such as Copyright Licensing Agreements, Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements, Agreements for Assignment of Future Copyright, Time Brokerage Agreements, etc, in relation to licensing and or sale of Intellectual Property rights;
  • Undertaking the business of Intellectual Property sale, promotion and management;
  • Undertaking Intellectual Property market watch for opportunities, competitors and infringers;
  • Negotiating the sharing of Intellectual Property rights among Intellectual Property rights-holders;
  • Negotiating Intellectual Property transfer or sale between Intellectual Property rights-holders and Intellectual Property rights buyers;
  • Advising Intellectual Property rights-holders on decision making as regards the maintenance, commercialization, or donation of IP assets;
  • Advising Intellectual Property rights-holders on the economics of Intellectual Property enforcement;
  • Conducting an inventory of a customer’s Intellectual Property;
  • Valuing Intellectual Property and determining the appropriate royalty rates for purposes of licensing and or sale or IP rights; and
  • Advising on restrictive trade practices.
Commercial/Corporate Law

Our commercial/corporate law practice dispenses immediate, effective and sound corporate commercial advisories to our clients. In this regard, we assist our clients with review and drafting and negotiating of transactional documents, advising on relevant laws and regulations especially those relating to retirement benefits, private and listed companies, banking, capital markets, state corporations, as well as competition law, and due diligence exercises.

We assist our clients with formation and restructuring of corporate entities such as business names, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies of all kinds, public companies, non-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, associations, co-operative societies, etc.

We advice on Mergers and Acquisition, Joint Venture, Shareholders rights and issues, Partnership, Dissolution of Partnerships, Service Provision, Finance and management, Domain Registration, Employment, Marketing, Distribution, Confidentiality, Assignment, Aircraft Finance and Leasing Agreements, International and cross border transactions, public private partnerships, privatization, infrastructure and project finance, among many other corporate/commercial law issues.


We handle insurance matters, and are well versed with various legislation affecting the insurance industry.

We have specialized in the following areas:-

  • Aviation and Marine Insurance;
  • Professional Indemnity;
  • Product liability;
  • Fire;
  • General liability Insurance;
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance;
  • Reinsurance;
  • Policy drafting and underwriting advice;
  • Insurance claims and disputes.
Environment and Conservation

We advise our clients on various aspects touching on the wildlife conservation and environment in line inter alia with conservation and management of flora & fauna.

We also render appropriate legal advice to clients on compliance with the constitutional and statutory provisions and in certain cases offering legal representation in matters relating to complaints made to the Public Complaints Committee.

In relation to these matters, we also prepare contracts, Memoranda and all manner of instruments between Organizations, Local Authorities, Local Communities and other interest groups over legal utilization and or sustainable harvesting of flora and fauna.

Tax Law

Kenya has a various laws and regulations governing taxation. Businesses and individuals are subject to both direct and indirect, making it rather obvious that there are instances of double taxation and as lawyers, we give sound advice on tax and planning as well as negotiating and contesting tax disputes.

We advice on tax matters including direct and indirect taxes, the most effective structuring of transactions and the selection of appropriate tax structures for the establishment of new business. We also represent our clients in tax disputes before the Courts and Tribunals established to deal with tax matters.